About us: Who we are

Corkworks is an online shop community that works as an outlet for the increasing number of fantastic products produced from cork across design, fashion, and furniture and sport accessories.

Sourced and curated by us, our associates will send your purchases directly to you.

We choose both who we work with and the products themselves carefully and rigorously. We look to associate them with our brand values: exciting new materials (cork), good design, originality, quality, competiveness, and sustainability.

You’ll struggle to find our items elsewhere on the high street. The items you select and buy through us will be precious. Be first to embrace this new material and range of objects!

Why CorkWorks?

We are a new dynamic organization set up in the UK to promote and sell Cork products. We have been struck by the versatility and sustainability of Cork and want to celebrate the innovative designs/products that the design community are bringing to the fore. By creating an online shop community – designers and customers can showcase and purchase products that they would struggle to find elsewhere.


People who travel, value fashion, design, arts, music and who are looking for something different. They are also interested in alternatives to leather and have a deeper concern for environmental issues and sustainable products.

They seek products that are not available on the high street and want a great product and a seamless customer experience.

Corticeira Amorim presents Metamorphosis at Jerónimos Monastery

Raw Material

Natural cork is one of the planet’s most versatile, sustainable and useful materials. It is used to make everything from wine stoppers, to high-fashion items, to building materials. . Natural cork can even be found as insulation on the space shuttle.

Recyclable Material

Cork is easily recycled, and has a wide range of by-products. Cork feels similar to leather yet it comes from a tree.

Globus Cork Floor Design Competition Winner (PRNewsFoto/Globus Cork Inc.)


Cork production is widely considered sustainable because the cork tree is not cut down to obtain cork; only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork

CO emissions

Cork Oak forests prevent desertification and CO emissions. A cork oak tree once it’s been debarked, fixes on average, five times more CO2


We open up the new world of cork products to consumers with discerning taste. We save them time; provide more choice and access, and a simplified purchase system.

Your purchase:

  • Inclusive of VAT
  • Fast delivery

It allows consumers to access products in an exciting new material that are hard to find elsewhere. Saving our customers the costs of a trip or the time searching numerous search engines.

That's an umbrella made out of cork


These products are curated in line with our shared values:

  • Good design
  • Originality
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Competitive pricing

That's a floor made out of cork

Surprising, isn’t it? 

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